Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras have many everyday uses that have nothing to do with drones, spies, and wars. A home video security system and a wireless baby monitory system are two examples of this. 

This article is a guide to understanding a surveillance camera system and buying the best one for your needs.

A Guide to Purchasing and Understanding the Surveillance Camera

Surveillance equipment is nothing new. It could be something simple like a peephole made in the door of your home to a mirror placed in the corner or a camera you see in retail stores and schools. 

The type of information you want to gather determines the type of equipment you buy. The first function of surveillance observing. Sometimes an overt observation serves its purpose. 

For example, an armed guard as big as a linebacker is is enough to change most thieves’ minds. 

A fake camera could do the same. These cases are about preventing something from happening, and the feeling of being observed is often enough.

Sometimes the observation needs to be covert. Those who are observed should not be aware. Observation and monitoring could be done visually or auditory. Surveillance equipment can be as small as a pen or as large as a plane. They could be wired or wireless; they can have a fixed lens or one that could zoom in and out.

Some security camera systems require active motioning with live human monitors to make decisions. The connection is critical for these. If you monitor your baby through a wireless device, you need to know if walls or other electronic devices could interfere with the signals. 

If you monitor the temperature on a large commercial meat freezer, you need to know if the backup generator works in case you lose power.

Sometimes security cameras systems need to provide proof and action. Can you prove someone ran a red light? A photo of that person running the light is proof enough, especially when they look up right into the camera with the look of hands-caught-in-the-cookie-jar.

If your surveillance system is connected through the Internet, you need to check the speed and the power that keeps it operational. Sometimes the phone and the Internet work on the same line, and both operate with power.

 If the power line is cut, the surveillance system becomes worthless.

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